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thejline [userpic]

Have moved. Can be found if one is persistent.

September 14th, 2008 (11:11 am)

 Truly, if I know you, you will be able to track me down.
You can still contact me at my dA (I check it about once a month), my FF.N (at the very least, it sends me notifications nearly 70% of the time), or through my e-mail (either gmail or hotmail; gmail is the preferred, though). 
If I see you at school or you live in my vicinity, ask me for my new site or call me about it.

I'm still posting stories and meta on the net, but...just not here. 

Should one of your stories be in the locked posts that now abound on this journal, contact me about that and I'll e-mail you a copy of the story; likewise, if you're still waiting for that elusive story I promised you...again, contact me and I'll send it when it's complete.
I'm still finishing those. I still have the complete ones. They haven't died. The OFOS Project still runs.
Just..not here.

--> if you're coming over from shadowpup88  to check whether I live or not, YES, I DO. I still check my friends page on the shadowpup88  LJ! I have merely ceased posting on LJ; my lurking continues on unnoticed.

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